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30 Day Yoga Challenge!




Get ready! This is going to be AWESOME.



Are you ready to look amazing, feel amazing and elevate your spiritual and personal growth?


We are kicking off June with a 30 Day Yoga Challenge.


The importance of balance and well-being has never been more apparent. We could all benefit from a strong immune system, a positive outlook and a sense of community and accomplishment. We want to create this opportunity for you in a fun and supportive way and this 30 day challenge is designed just for that!


Here are the details:


The challenge begins June 1st


- Be sure to sign up for our $79 Yoga Challenge before June 1st



Sign Up Today!



- Take one of our studio Zoom classes each day


- If you accomplish taking 30 consecutive days of yoga with us, we will gift you a 5 pack of yoga classes for FREE! 

Let’s face it, you earned it!


So grab your mat, put on a Surya video and let’s get practicing!