Level 2

Is there any better way to start your day? Rise and Shine Yoga will help you set your intention and energy for the day ahead.  The hour long class is an uplifting sequence of breath-synchronized movement intended to cultivate "vital life force." This class focuses on building internal heat, strength, and endurance.  Appropriate for all levels. 

Level 1/2

This class is about being mindful, connected and joyful in your practice. We will move through a connected vinyasa that encourages us to slow down and listen to the wisdom of our body. You will leave feeling more grounded, centered and open to life!

Level 2

This is an alignment based vinyasa class is open to all levels. Breath and movement are synchronized to build heat, balance the nervous system and revitalize the body and mind. Modifications offered for beginners and more advanced practitioners.

Level 2

Time to get happy! This one hour mixed level yoga class is the perfect way to end the day and head in to the evening feeling rejuvenated. Move, sweat and breathe through a fun, accesible flow, set to good tunes for a great time! 

Level 2/3

Let the music get you moving in this fun, invigorating vinyasa class. You will be building heat while staying connected to breath and alignment. Inversions (handstands) and arm balances are encouraged, but don't be discouraged.... all levels are welcome. Poses are broken down and taught in a workshop format making these more challenging poses accessible for everyone! 

Gentle Candlelight Yoga

Level 1

In the nurturing environment of a candlelit room, you will enjoy a blend of Therapeutic, Yin and Restorative yoga followed by 30 minutes of deep relaxation and meditation. This class is a wonderful addition to your practice whether you are new to yoga or have a vigorous practice. This class offers the opportunity to nurture the body with soft movements, breath and long held poses. As the body relaxes, blocked pranic energy awakens and the parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest) is turned on allowing the body to heal injuries and illnesses, alleviate stress and promote weight loss. This gentle, self-care class will leave feeling balanced and renewed.

Deep Healing with Sarah

All Levels Welcome

In the sweet space of your body, you will come home to yourself each time we gather.  Through exploration of the breath, Yoga Nidra and the varying awareness of the senses, we will draw ourselves into a place of self-discovery.  One hour of this practice is worth four hours of  uninterrupted sleep: a deeply healing experience for your mind, body and spirit and a regeneration for all the systems of the body.

Bring with you any items of comfort for this dreamy experience: layered clothing, bolsters, blankets etc. 

* Please arrive 10 minutes early to set yourself up with the necessary props for the class.

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Our classes are designed to support your embodied spiritual journey and help you thrive. Our expert teachers will help guide and deepen your practice. We have classes for all levels. Gentle yoga for deep relaxation and Invigorating vinyasa for strength and endurance.