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We are thrilled to be Bringing You our Virtual On-Line Classes


We have created a virtual teaching experience to keep you healthy and balanced over. This schedule has our truly gifted teachers doing what they do best… sharing their love and some amazing yoga!


We are excited to be able to bring you classes in a whole NEW format, and to continue practicing the yoga we all need now, more than ever. Read below for all the details and FAQ’s!

How It Works:

1.   First things first, if you're going to join us for virtual classes: Set up a free ZOOM account. Once you do that, we will invite you through our platform. If possible, please try to create a user name similar to your name, so we can sync with the class roster. Zoom can be accessed via your web browser, and also downloaded to your mobile or tablet device.


2.   Choose & Pre-Register for Class: We are trying to offer 4 classes per day in both the morning and evening. Please visit the normal class schedule page on our website to see the full schedule. We have two pricing options available to you. You can choose the new virtual drop in option for $8 or you can sign up for our new Virtual Monthly Unlimited for only $79.00. IMPORTANT: Class registration closes 30 minutes prior to class. So please be sure to pre-register via Mindbody.  


3.   Check Your Email for the LINK to Join Class: To attend class, open the email that was sent 30 minutes prior to the class start time. Click on the link and it will open up the class in your Zoom app. Your teacher will be online to welcome you approximately 15 minutes before the class begins. If you do not receive the link within 30 minutes of the class, please check your PROMOTIONS tab on your email account.


* During the class, you can either keep your video camera on so your teacher can see, or have it off! Please mute your audio/microphone during class instruction, the teacher will unmute your audio for discussion at the end of class.

Frequently Asked Questions:


How much does it cost? 
You can use the new Virtual Monthly Unlimited for $79 or choose to use the virtual drop in for $8

How do I join the class? 
After you register for your class, you will receive an email 30 minutes prior to the class with the Zoom link. Simply click the link, allow Zoom to open once you’re logged in, and you're set! Don’t forget to create your Zoom account for easy access!


What if I'm running late? 
The "virtual doors" will open 15 minutes before the official start time and there will be a little after time to chat if needed. Please try to be on time as all classes are live.

Will the instructor see me?
These classes will have video that you can turn off for yourself, but it will offer the instructor the ability to see you and teach to you more directly. The teachers will do more talking and directing as this is a live online virtual experience.


How long are the classes?
60 minutes. The instructor will leave a few minutes at the end of class to open discussion or questions.


Online Schedule beginning March 23. 

Please note we will be adding classes and modifying class times as the week progresses - keeping checking the schedule here for changes & additions.