An Inversion Workshop with Courtney Harms September 28 2pm

This workshop will help you safely take your practice upside down through understanding the fundamentals of the four major inversions; handstand, forearmstand, headstand and shoulderstand. We will explore the progressions toward each asana as well as how to transition and practice the postures mindfully so that you can incorporate inversions into your regular yoga practice. It is natural to feel unsure or even fearful about these more advanced asanas. Let’s demystify them so they become playful. Inversions are nicknamed the “anti- aging” asanas for their connection to increased circulation, drainage of the lymphatic system, and balance to the endocrine system (when practiced regularly). They truly create an undeniable “natural high”.... come feel the benefits for yourself.

(Some yoga experience highly recommended)

When: Saturday, September 28th 2-4:30pm

Exchange: $40