Mala Making Workshop, June 23rd





Our last Mala Workshop was such a success, and we have had so many requests to do it again so here it is, the details for our next Mala Workshop in June.


Mala necklaces capture us all. The are beautiful symbols of spirituality and carry potent healing energy.


During this workshop we will gather together to create sacred space and call forth our intention/s into being. When you string our own mala, you have the opportunity to place your own intention-fused energy into the stone beads. This powerful act allows the mala to be a worn reminder of the affirmations you want to carry with you.


In this class, you will learn how to create your own mala necklace as well as the significance of the 108 beads in a mala and how to use it for mediation.


Come with an open mind and open heart and walk away with a beautiful sacred mala of your own creation.


Space is limited and advanced reservation are required.


If you are booking this workshop, email Yonnus at and include the following:


Preference for stone or stone color. Please include 1st choice and 2nd choice:

Clear (quartz)

White (jade)

Light green (aventurine)

Dark green (jade)

Light Blue (jade)

Yellow (citrine)

Orange (agate)

Pink (rose quartz)

Purple (amethyst)

Black (onyx)


Sunday, June 23rd 2-4:30pm

Exchange: $95






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