Yoga Nidra Hypnotherapy Workshop, August 3, 4-6pm

More and more people are discovering the benefits of various healing modalities and realizing that until we heal our minds, and prioritize a restful state, we often don't experience the growth we're wanting to in our lives. Yoga Nidra and Hypnotherapy are both deeply healing for the mind and the body. To experience them in such close proximity, amplifies their potency. We have each been working in therapeutic healing modalities for 12 years and have studied with a Master teacher for the last 12 years, and trained in 13 practices/modalities. We find that these practices compliment each other particularly well. During the workshop you will experience a full healing hypnosis and a full Yoga Nidra practice. We will take a short pause between the practices and have time for a few questions at the end. Please arrive hydrated , bring a yoga mat and an eye mask if you have one, and wear comfortable clothing. You'll be laying down for most of the workshop. We look forward to sharing this healing experience with you.