The Weekly Raffle

The Serpentfire Tarot Deck

This week's raffle prize is the Serpentfire 6th Edition Tarot Deck. An otherworldly deck to help you fulfill your vision quest desires. 

Combining elements from kundalini, Ancient Egypt and the quintessential serpentfire desert dreamscape, this body of work features 80 artistically stunning cards.

78 of the cards are the traditional tarot cards plus 2 secret Arcana cards that help unfold the consciousness.

Cards are edged in lustrous gold


Deck is accompanied by a comprehensive card meaning + reading booklet written by the artist

These fun, sexy and deeply insightful cards have been featured in Vogue and Goop.

Enjoy the magic of these cards as they help unfolding  the mysteries of our life.


Tickets are just $10 and you may purchase as many as you like to enter the drawing. (The more tickets you buy, the greater chance of winning!) The raffle begins when you receive the email on Sunday mornings at 8am and will close Tuesday night at 9pm.